People eat more Pizza than just about any other food category. What makes Rome's Pizza so special is, well, our Pizza! But not just our traditional, exotic, pesto, white and gourmet pizzas, it's also the great appetizers and salads, the Mediterranean Specialties, the Calzone, pastas, and deliciously hot oven toasted sandwiches. 

Rome's Pizza is more than a pizzeria restaurant, it's a feast for the senses, from the eye appealing presentations, to the tempting aromas, to the tantalizing blend of tastes and textures. Eating at Rome's Pizza is like going to a Roman feast. And that's the best distinction between what we do and anyone else in the business - our Food.

Our Food

We know you have choices to make when deciding what business you want for yourself, and we appreciate the opportunity to tell you about ours. We can't tell you everything you need to know in this brochure, but it will help you determine if what we offer makes sense to you and is worth your serious consideration. Buying any business is a life-changing decision, and we want to assist you in evaluating our mutual expectations and goals. 

You've heard it before, "Work to live, don't live to work." We try to make that a reality with a balance for work, family and play. It's a lifestyle decision we hope you might share with us once you understand what we do and how we do it. That's the purpose of this brochure. We believe you can enjoy both your work and your lifestyle with a Rome's Pizza franchise of your own. 

We have a well-developed system, a proven track record and a menu that pleases our customers. We know real business is real work, and you already know there are no "free lunches." What we offer you is our name, our system, our support and our philosophy, too. 

After reading what we've sent you, we'd like to meet with you personally to answer your questions, show you our restaurant, and help you get all the information you need to make an educated business decision. A Rome's Pizza franchise is a real opportunity with good potential for the right person. Thanks for considering us for your business future. See you soon... 


Our typical day begins around 8 AM, when some of the kitchen staff arrives to start "prep" work for our lunch customers. Your entire staff may be 6-8 employees when you start your Restaurant, then increases over time to 12-16 based on your sales growth. Around 10:30 AM, more kitchen and counter staff arrives and get ready for opening. By 11 AM, fresh pizzas are coming out of the oven, the cashier's ready, and the doors open to eager customers. You and your staff will be thoroughly trained in all operations of your Restaurant - but we don't want you to cook or cashier all the time, we want you to supervise your staff and focus on building customer relationships, too.

Our full menu is served all day, although a typical lunch run is from 11 AM to 2 PM, when we start preparing for our dinner customers, too. You can see from the menu we've enclosed what we offer for lunch and dinner, and we also have a kid's menu. We continue to serve till about 10 PM, then we close, clean up, count the money, and go home. During the day, your kitchen staff will also begin prep work for the next morning, to get a jump-start on the next day. 

Of course there are other management activities going on during the day, such as ordering, inventory, bank deposits, community involvement, etc., and serving satisfied customers sure makes the day go better. Customers really like our food, our prices and our friendly staff and our repeat business proves it. In fact, many of our lunch customers eat dinner with us, or take a pizza home for the family after work. 

Our customers order and pay at the counter, pick up their drinks and find a comfortable table. In a few minutes, one of our counter staff will pick up their order and brings the food to their table. It's not waiter service, but there's no tipping required, and not much of a wait, either. Good food, good service and good prices - the Rome's Pizza secret recipe! 


The Food.. Oh the food!Gus Nassar started Rome's Pizza over fifteen years ago, in San Antonio, Texas. Beginning with a pizza business that already existed, Gus began planning and growing the Rome's concept built on his background in fine dining and restaurant management experience. He didn't have all the money he would have liked, but he knew exactly what he wanted, and the business grew successfully. 

Gus created the first "Gourmet" pizzas in the city. And by introducing new products and taste combinations, he also created quite a customer following. Customers knew they would get a delicious meal at Rome's, whether it was pizza, pasta, or some of the other specialties served hot and fresh to the table. Of course, Gus understood that folks like delivery and take-out, but he created a warm, cozy atmosphere in his restaurant that drew customers like a magnet, because everyone knows food is better fresh out of the oven, served right to the table. Rome's Pizza restaurants are real restaurants, fast casual in style, and a friendly place for a good meal. 

That's how Rome's Pizza got started, and here's what it means to you. Our management team has over fifty years of combined experience in restaurant management and franchising, with over fifteen years operating the same gourmet and traditional pizza concept that we're offering you as a Rome's Pizza franchise. Our franchise may be new, but it comes with a good amount of "seasoned" experience. We have a solid foundation of experience, expertise and enthusiasm. We want to grow with new owners who understand working hard and having fun, too. It's a lifestyle decision that we hope you understand and want for yourself. 


Franchising works. That's why we chose that business model. In fact, according to a study done by the US Department of Commerce, over a ten-year period, people who owned a franchised business were up to nine times more likely to succeed in business over people who started an independent business. It's about the system, the support and the track record for success. Of course, no business can guarantee your success, but franchising accounts for almost 40% of the US retail economy, and it's the fastest growing business system in the world. 

Rome's Pizza franchises are different. Each location is different because we try to find existing or previous restaurant space in good locations. We have unique design elements that tie us all together, not "vanilla" boxes with plastic chairs and copycat colors. That's why we have a lower investment than traditional pizza restaurants. And that's why it takes time to build a Rome's Pizza. We want you to have the best location available, not just the first one available. We will help you determine the pros and cons of each potential location in order to help you make the best decision.

Once you've reviewed our materials and documents, met with us, and determined that you want your own Rome's Pizza franchise, here's how we work together: 

Territory. We grant an exclusive area to each owner. We're looking at possible locations throughout central Texas and beyond, but it's your business, and your decision. We'll help you find a territory that fits your plans. 

Customer Base. Your customers are all ages, mostly local customers from your neighborhood, extending out and around in a five to ten minute drive pattern. It's fast casual, and that's the fastest growing segment of the restaurant industry. Our pricing makes everyone smile, our food makes them come back. 

Location. We will help you work with a good broker to find a suitable location in your territory. That's the hardest part. We both know you want to get started, but it's worth waiting for the right location. It may take from six months to a year to find the spot, so patience is a virtue, but it's worth the effort. 

Construction. We'll assist you with design, ordering and remodeling of your restaurant. Each Rome's Pizza restaurant shares a common theme, but we want to be a "local" place, not a stamped-out copy with plastic plants. It can take two to three months to finish your restaurant, once you've started, depending on the building, interior, permits and other considerations. 

Training. Your training begins about six weeks before your restaurant is ready to open. We'll train you in our location, and you'll learn our operations and management methods. Then we'll come to your restaurant to help you train your staff and open for business. It's hard work, but your enthusiasm, energy and a good cafe latte can make it fun, too. Remember, you earn what you learn, and we want you to know it all. 

Support. You're open and running and we're there to help as needed. We will provide ongoing field support, not just inspections. Your success is our success, so we're there to continue to grow and expand our mutual relationship in your own Rome's Pizza.


If you have already been to Rome's Pizza, you know the food and have a feeling for the business we do. If you haven't been yet, we want to invite you to come down and see us in San Antonio. Once you taste our food, you'll start to see what we mean when we say, "owning a Rome's Pizza is a lifestyle decision." We enjoy making our customers happy, because our staff is friendly and our customers rely on our consistently good food and service. 

We've included an investment sheet for your review, and a simple questionnaire. When you return the questionnaire, or when we meet personally, we'll give you a copy of our franchise documents. The Offering Circular tells you all about our company and explains our franchise plan. The Franchise Agreement describes our mutual responsibilities and obligations in the business. 

We want you to be excited and enthusiastic about our franchise, and we know it's a serious decision. We'll be happy to answer your questions when we meet. We'll have a few questions for you, too. We want to fit into your plan, and see if you fit in ours. 

While you're thinking about your own Rome's Pizza restaurant, be sure to drop by for a visit. We're a neighborhood place that folks like to come to regularly. That's why you'll see many of the same customers here - they like Rome's

We want to see the same thing happen in your Rome's Pizza in your neighborhood. Thanks for your interest in our franchise program. Come see us soon...ciao. 

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